Plumbing Services

Services to Solve Any Plumbing Problem

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in Andover, CT, has homeowners in Middlesex County, Windham County, and Hartford County covered with their affordable and professional full-service residential plumbing. If you’re local to Bolton, Avon, Andover, or some other town or city in this area, you can rely on us for preventive maintenance, quality installations, and 24/7 emergency repair service.

All our plumbing services come with our guarantees of satisfaction and punctuality: “If There’s Any Delay…It’s You We Pay!®” If we show up late, we’ll give you $5 for every minute of tardiness up to $300.


Drain clogs that happen in your sink, tub, shower, or toilet, can result from a variety of factors. But no matter what caused your clog, our drain jetting will get things cleared up quickly and safely. 

Pipe Plumbing Services

Frozen pipes are dangerous: Changes in temperature cause pipes to expand and contract, weakening them until they can longer handle the water pressure and burst. Our pipe thawing can prevent a frozen pipe from bursting, and we also install heat tape to prevent pipes from reaching frozen temperatures.

But if it’s too late for heat tape or thawing and the pipe has already burst, we can help with that, too. We’ll make the repairs or install the replacements necessary to minimize the damage and your home repair expenses. quality plumber repairing plumbing system in Avon CT

To prevent pipe problems, we perform inspections, and we also repair corroded pipes.


A clogged sewer line can cause raw sewage to bubble up into your house’s drains, filling your bathtub and sinks – that’s what we call a plumbing emergency. We install and repair sewer lines, as well as pumps and grinders, and you won’t have to worry about clogs if you get annual inspections from us. 

Water Heating Services

Some people like cold showers, but if you’re not one of those people, you’ll be glad when you rely on our water heating services. Our inspections can catch warning signs of heater leaks, and we install energy-efficient tankless water heaters.

Water Conditioning

You use water every day, but are you sure it’s free of contaminants? If not, you can make sure with water testing from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Learn whether the levels of hard minerals and chlorine are safe, and if they’re higher than they should be, we can install whole-house or sink-mounted water filters.

Plumbing Equipment Installation and Repair

In the bathroom, you have your tub, shower, toilet, and faucets. Faucets are in the kitchen too, as is your garbage disposal. And outside, you have your sump pump. We install and provide emergency repair services on all of these.

Well Services

If you use a well as your water source, you know how many elements are needed to keep it functioning: 

  • Well pump
  • Pressure tanks
  • Pressure switches
  • Filtration system

For affordable inspections, maintenance, or an upgrade to your well system, call the local plumbing experts who do it all: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

From the kitchen and bathroom indoors to the sewer line and well outdoors, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers top-quality residential plumbing to Andover, Bolton, Avon, and the rest of Middlesex County, Windham County, and Hartford County, CT.