Frozen Pipe Repair

Frigid winter temperatures can are the leading cause of frozen pipes. As annoying as it is for the water in your pipes to freeze solid, frozen pipes can lead to one of the worst, most destructive plumbing catastrophes in your household. When water freezes, it expands, placing undue strain on the pipes until they eventually burst, leaving you with unusable pipes and a large replacement bill in your near future. If you are dealing with frozen pipes, make sure to call the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Andover, CT, 24/7 helpline to request an appointment with one of our frozen pipe specialists immediately!

Help for Frozen Pipe Emergencies

Frozen pipes are often at risk of bursting just a few hours — or even minutes — after the freeze. Burst pipes can cause thousands and thousands of gallons of water to leak all through your home and precipitate expensive and, sometimes, irreparable damage. That’s why our experienced plumbers are always prepared to save the day! We’ll act promptly to diagnose the issue and thaw out your pipes before they burst, averting the enormous costs of severe water damage and plumbing system replacement.

Emergency Burst Pipe Services

When pipes freeze and rupture, the damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs and leave your home uninhabitable for weeks. With such things on the line, you shouldn’t allow anyone but a trusted and qualified plumber address an emergency like this. Call in the expert plumbing technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Andover, CT, to curb the damage and guarantee you and your family a quick return to your home.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

The best way to save thousands in residential damages, repairs, and replacements is to take preventative measures – now! To get out in front of frozen and burst pipes, homeowners across Connecticut work with our experts to install specialized electrical wire around your pipes called heat tape. When switched on, the wires produce electrical heat, keeping the pipes and the water inside them warm enough to prevent future freezes and burst pipes.