Sewer Line Installation and Repair

Sewer Line Installation and Repair in Andover, CT

The sewer line, which channels all the waste from toilets, sinks, and showers away from the home and toward the city’s sewage system, is the unsung hero of your home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, the sewer line is susceptible to clogs, which can cause inconvenient, foul-smelling backups, and expensive damage to your plumbing system and property. In short, without a properly functioning sewer line, your house would be in trouble.

Luckily, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Andover, CT, the trusted plumbing company servicing New London County, Killingworth, and Middletown, CT, has a team of experienced plumbers who can perform expert residential sewer line installations and repairs in the area!

Home Sewer Line Installation

When you are buying a new home, the last thing on your mind is probably the installation of the main sewer line, but it should probably top the list of priorities. Fortunately, when you bring in the plumbing specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you can check “sewer line” off of your list with confidence, knowing that professionals have correctly installed your sewer main.

Our technicians are highly-knowledgeable about what causes sewer line issues, and they work to prevent future issues by choosing the correct location for the line and providing useful sewer line management advice to homeowners – and the first piece of advice is free! Below we have listed a few common causes of sewer line problems to keep you on your guard after your line installation:

  • Tree Roots 

We highly discourage the installation of the main sewer line near any trees, or for homeowners to plant trees near the sewer line. Roots spread far underground, frequently competing with other tree roots for nutrients and water. They are strong enough to eventually burst through the sewer line, causing massive amounts of damage.

  • Temperature Fluctuations

Sudden temperature changes can cause the ground to shift and disconnect or damage the sewer line.

  • Line Corrosion

Though chemical cleaners are powerful and perform their job well, it is a much better idea to avoid these at all costs, regardless of how clogged your drain is. The chemicals do their job so well that they may begin to corrode your pipes and your sewer line.

Sewer Line Repairs

Unfortunately, sometimes the line has already been installed, especially in older buildings, and you may eventually notice issues in your plumbing system. When you see (or smell) any of the problems outlined below, it may be time to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to perform necessary repairs.licensed plumber repairing sewer line in Killingworth, CT

  • Slow-draining or stagnant sink or tub water
  • Foul drain odors
  • Difficulty flushing the toilet
  • Slow toilet refills
  • Debris backwashing into the sink or bathtub
  • Concerning noises like gurgling coming from the drains

If you notice any of these signs, they may be indicators of severe problems with your sewer line, the repairs of which cannot be entrusted to anyone except for the sewer line experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our trained and certified plumbers can quickly identify the issue, weigh the options, and repair your sewer line.

In some cases, the sewer line may have irreparable damage, and the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team can remove the original line and perform expert installation services to keep your home’s plumbing in the black.

Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing have installed and repaired sewer lines in the New London County, Killingworth, and Middletown, CT, regions for over 18 years. From clogged sewer lines and water testing services to well services and water heating services, our team of specialists is guaranteed to provide friendly, professional installations, repairs, and maintenance at reasonable prices every day. For more information on our services, to schedule an appointment, or to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency repairs, call us today!