Water Testing Services

Reliable Water Testing Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Andover, CT cares about the quality of the water in your home. Because it’s used frequently in the daily routine of taking care of your house as well as yourself, it’s important to take the time to evaluate the quality of the water you’re using. That’s precisely why we offer professional water testing services to our clients throughout the Tolland, CT region. Water testing checks for high levels of bacteria, iron, pH, nitrates, chlorine, and lead. Until you test your water, you will not know its true quality, so let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing help you out!

Hardness Testing

“Hard” water is water that consists of an excess of minerals. Hard water residue can build up on appliances, leaving a white remnant. This buildup can be harsh on your devices, even reducing their life-span by a third. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants your appliances to be efficient and last long, and a water test can help with this. With a professional water test, you can identify the exact minerals that might exist at harmful levels in your water. For example, too much iron can be dangerous and even cause pancreatic and liver damage. Clearly, professional water hardness testing is beneficial for taking care of the health of you and your loved ones.

Along with water hardness testing, well services are also offered at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Proper upkeep of well plumbing is important when it comes to maintaining water quality. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing performs pressure tank and pressure switch inspections and even offers upgrades for wells. Ensuring a healthy water supply is essential to our company, and it should be for you and your family, too.residential water testing being conducted by licensed plumber in Tolland, CT

Chlorine Testing

Chlorine testing for your water supply is another service that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers. Chlorine purifies water from harmful bacteria, but too much is not safe and can even be harmful. When chlorine levels are above the regulated amount, it can disrupt the hormone levels in your body and kill the good gut bacteria in your system. The only means of knowing when to filter out excess chlorine is when a water test is performed by a professional.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides faucet repair and installations to those in the Tollan, CT area as well. Taking care of your home’s plumbing needs goes beyond monitoring the quality of the water. Detecting hard water and removing harmful bacteria is essential, but having the proper faucets and spouts is a substantial component too. An inefficient faucet can waste water and even sink your money right down the drain.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing dedicates its expertise to keep your plumbing system safe and efficient. Our variety of services include water testing to filter out harmful matter, plumbing equipment installations and repairs for your home, and much more. We understand that maintaining a household can be difficult, but with Benjamin Franklin, we make it simple and easy!

Do you suspect you have hard or chlorinated water in your home? For more information about our water testing services, or to find out if your water contains excessive minerals, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert today.