Water Heating Service

Top-Rated Water Heating Services

Your water heater is a crucial component in maintaining comfort in your home. There is nothing worse than not having hot water, and with us, this doesn’t have to be a worry! At Ben Franklin Plumbing located in Andover, CT, we are committed to serving our clients with prompt, professional water heating services. We offer water heater repairs, replacements, and maintenance check-ups.licensed plumbers servicing a hot water heater in Essex, CT

Common Water Heater Issues

  • Leaky water tank
  • Inconsistent hot water, lukewarm, or not hot at all
  • Rusted water tank

Water Heater Repairs, Maintenance, and Replacements

A troubled water heater can affect many areas in your Essex, CT home. From your kitchen to your bathroom, not having hot water can put a real damper on your routine. For minor problems, our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offer quality repairs for water heaters. Untreated issues can cause detrimental damage to the heater, so we encourage having a professional look at your appliance.

Our team of technicians also offers maintenance check-ups to make sure everything is working correctly. Consistent maintenance check-ups ensure a longer lifespan for your water heater, and guarantee efficient performance. Water heaters have a lifespan of around 8 to 12 years, so hiccups are likely to occur during this time.

Complete replacements are offered at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as well. The cost of frequent repairs can add up, so replacements can be cost effective in the long run. The quality of the water within your heater plays a significant factor in the functioning of your water heater. “Hard” water has a high mineral count, and can be harsh on the skin, damage pipes and appliances, and affect the taste of your water. To ensure an overall efficient water heater, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers water treatment, softening, and conditioning services.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are incredibly efficient, only heating water when it’s needed. There is no storage tank, so not only do you have an endless amount of hot water, but you save space as well. Tankless water heaters are around 24% to 34% more energy efficient than regular storage tank water heaters, which means you’ll save money on your water heater bill. Additionally, tankless water heaters have double the lifespan of a traditional heater.

Water Boiler Repairs, Maintenance, and Replacements

Ben Franklin Plumbing offers assistance for water boilers as well. Water boilers heat water and create steam for heating purposes in your home. They keep your home up and running, so it is critical that they are working to their optimum capability. Our team of experienced Ben Franklin Plumbing technicians perform repairs, inspections, and replacements, all to meet your water boiler’s needs.

Well Plumbing Services

Ben Franklin Plumbing is one of the few plumbers to assist in well services in the CT area. We perform inspections, upgrades, and pressure tank and pressure switches to ensure a healthy, reliable water supply.

Ben Franklin Plumbing takes pride in providing a variety of plumbing services to its customers in and around Essex, CT. From heating services to plumbing equipment installation and repairs, we’ve got it all! If any of these services sound of interest to you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.