What’s the Best Way to Unclog Your Drain?

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How Do You Clear a Slow Drain?

If you suspect that your drain is clogged up with gunk or debris, this method could work to solve your problem:

  • Boil the kettle or bring a pan of water to the boil on the kitchen stove.
  • Dry the sink area with a rag or dry cloth.
  • Measure out half a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. If there is a sink stopper in the way, use a Q-tip to push down the majority of the baking soda so that it enters the drain pipe. Don’t worry too much if there is still some baking soda left in the sink area; the next step should help to shift the remaining powder.
  • Measure out half a cup of white wine vinegar and pour this down the drain on top of the baking soda. This should cause a chemical reaction and fizz up before your eyes.
  • Next, pour the full kettle of boiling water down the drain. This should push the solution of vinegar and baking soda through the pipe.
  • Finally, turn on your faucet to see if your sink will now drain at a reasonable speed. 

What is the Best Product to Unclog Drains?

Biological Drain Cleaners: These products are great for unblocking the most stubborn of drains. Using the power of enzymes, these liquids work by attacking blockages that have built up inside the pipes. Biological products work best at shifting natural blockages such as hair and soap materials. More extensive problems may require a stronger solution.

Chemical Drain Cleaners: These are the most popular products on the market and can be found in all supermarkets across the USA. Their powerful solutions help them to breakthrough most common household blockages.

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